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Set Up a Hair Transplant Clinic in Sweden

Updated on Tuesday 11th May 2021

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Set-Up-a-Hair-Transplant-Clinic-in-SwedenSweden is one of the most developed countries in Europe in terms of medicine, thanks to the modern equipment and the quality of the medical services offered. One of the most important medical branches which met a great developed in the last few years is that of plastic surgery with spectacular results in hair transplants.

At the moment, Sweden is one of the most affordable destinations in the world in terms of hair transplants, along with other countries such as Spain and Turkey. 

Below, our company formation agents in Sweden explain how to set up a hair transplant clinic in this country.

Registering a medical business for hair transplant procedures in Sweden

Starting a company in the medical field in Sweden implies the usual company registration process with the Trade Register followed by the licensing phase which is different for each medical branch. It should be noted that both local and foreign investors can start hair transplant clinics in Sweden, as long as they hire specialists to perform the operations.

Our Swedish company formation specialists can advise on the requirements related to incorporating a company in the medical industry.

Licensing requirements for hair transplant clinics in Sweden

Once the Swedish company is registered, it must obtain its license from the Ministry of Health in order to operate a medical facility, in this case as a hair transplant clinic. Once the authorization is completed, it can hire the medical staff according to its needs. In order to practice as a hair transplant surgeon in Sweden, a doctor must:

  • -          obtain a medical license with the National Board of Health and Welfare;
  • -          obtain a temporary practice license with the same board, if working as a foreign employee in a Swedish hair transplant clinic;
  • -          register with the Medical Association in Sweden in order to be recognized as a medic;
  • -          file proof of the medical educational background and experience with the National Board of Health and Welfare in the case of foreign doctors.

Investors opening hair transplant clinics in Sweden and seeking to hire foreign surgeons should know that they can hire doctors from the EU, EEA and even outside the EU and EEA.

For full information on the requirements related to starting a hair transplant clinic in Sweden, please contact our local consultants.


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