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Updated on Tuesday 11th May 2021

  • What is the Swedish Trade Register?

The Swedish Trade Register is known as Bolagsverket in Sweden and it deals with the company registration in Sweden, examination of data regarding companies and providing information of entrepreneurial activities. The Swedish Company Registration Office is mainly focused on business registration in Sweden, as well as registration of announcements in the Official Gazette called Post OchInrikes Tidningar. The Trade Register in Sweden also deals with decision making in cases of liquidation and annual reports receiving. The Trade Register in Sweden does not receive financing from the Swedish government, therefore it has to charge for its services. The Swedish Trade Register deals with the registration of companies, partnerships, associations, European interest groups, branches, bankruptcies, mortgages or cooperatives.

  • How can a company register with the Swedish Trade Register?

Company registration in Sweden must be performed at the Swedish Trade Register. The procedure can be performed electronically if the application is submitted this way. Examination of the apply form is necessary before issuing a registration certificate for the company in Sweden. Sometimes, additional documents are requested before obtaining the registration certificate. The Trade Register is also responsible for supervising the activities of the company, therefore all changes that may appear must be announced at the Swedish Company registration Office. This can be done also electronically or by phone.

  • How can I have access to the Swedish Trade Register?

The Trade Register in Sweden is available for everyone. People who request to see registered information are entitled to do so. Companies in Sweden must provide certified copies of documents if persons ask for them via e-mail or phone. Documents can also be handed in person at the registration office. The searching process can be done online, applying filters such as name, location or object of activity of the company in Sweden.

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