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Updated on Wednesday 09th November 2022

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Our accountants in Sweden offer complete services for companies of all sizes and across all industries.
Our services including bookkeeping and accounting services payroll processing financial statement analysis risk management and other consulting services as well as tax preparation and annual financial submissions.
Upon request, our accountant in Stockholm can also offer audit services which are meant to make sure that the company's annual accounts are correct and reliable. Small companies can qualify for an audit exemption, however, this is best verified with our team.
Company formation in Sweden is a straightforward process and foreign investors enjoy the same rights to open and manage businesses and local entrepreneurs.
Working with a chartered accountant in Sweden is recommended for all AB companies, as well as for other business forms.

Services offered by our accountants in Sweden

We are an experienced team, offering solutions for Swedish resident companies as well as foreign companies that have set up their presence in the country.
Some of the solutions provided by our Swedish accountant are the following:
  1. accounting: general accounting assistance for the company, accounting ledgers, controller services, bank administration and reconciliation;
  2. bookkeeping: accounts payable and receivable, monthly financial statements, ledger maintenance;
  3. payroll: calculating and processing the salary payments, calculating payroll, payroll processing;
  4. tax: tax compliance, payment and reporting as needed, tax minimization and optimization when possible; applying for tax benefits or incentives if available;
  5. others: financial statement analysis, risk analysis, budgets, reports, audit preparation.
Our accountants in Sweden generally provide complete packages, however, you can discuss with us about your option if you own a small business and require minimum accounting and bookkeeping solutions.

Accounting obligations in Sweden

Understanding the tax and accounting obligations the company will be subject to is important before commencing the business activities.
Tax compliance is an ongoing process once investors open a company in Sweden and failure to observe the rules in force results in unwanted penalties for the business.
Our accountant in Stockholm lists a number of important issues to keep in mind regarding tax and financial compliance in the country:
  • - accounting principles: are set forth by the Annual Accounts Act, the Swedish Accounting Standards Board and the Council, as well as the Swedish Institute of Authorized Public Accountants;
  • - tax year: the income year is the same as the financial year and it is a 12-month period that can end in December, April, June or August or another period that ends on the last day of any month;
  • - filing dates: companies observe four different filing dates, depending on the month in which their financial year ends; for example, for companies with a financial year that ends between 30 September and 31 December, the filing corporate income tax return is submitted on August 1st for electronic returns; a chartered accountant in Sweden from our tram can give you more details;
  • - penalties: SEK 6,250 is due for late filing, as well as a surcharge if the company omits or provides false information.
Working with a Swedish accountant is advisable in order to ensure the company’s full compliance.

Taxation in Sweden

We have listed the main accounting and tax reporting obligations above, however, we wish to also inform investors on the main taxes that apply to businesses in Sweden:
  • - 20.6% corporate income tax rate; a branch in Sweden will be subject to the same corporate income tax rate;
  • - 0% withholding tax on dividends;
  • - 25% standard VAT, with reduced rates of 12% and 6%;
  • - 31.42% aggregate social security contributions paid by the employer; compliance with this tax is included in the packages offered by our accountants in Sweden.
If you want to know more about taxation before you open a company in Sweden, our team can help.
Reach out to our accountants in Sweden to find out how we can help you.
We also assist investors looking for virtual office services in Sweden.

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